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Vascular Surgery: West Midlands


This information was provided by:

Miss Hannah C Travers, ST7

1. Who is the training programme director?

Mr Alok Tiwari

2. Please list all the hospitals in your deanery (Vascular Centres)

Birmingham Vascular Centre, University Hospitals Birmingham, Birmingham

(Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Heartlands Hospital)

Worcestershire Royal Hospital, Worcester

Black Country Vascular Network, Russell’s Hall Hospital, Dudley


Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Shrewsbury


University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire, Coventry


University Hospital North Midlands, Royal Stoke Hospital, Stoke-on-Trent

3. Please list all the hospitals which provide General Surgery rotations for Vascular trainees, as well as the pattern of rotations

ST3 Vascular Surgery with General Surgery on call at one of the 6 Vascular Centres (listed above)

ST4 General Surgery with General Surgery on call

4. How is the deanery subdivided? Where do trainees generally live? 

No subdivision

Trainees tend to live in Edgbaston/ Harborne/ Moseley/ Bournville/ Bromsgrove/ Solihull/ Sutton Coldfield depending on initial placements/family commitments (need for schools etc.)

5. How easy is it to commute to different sites?

                                                               Easy across            Easy across            Only appropriate              Not easy

                                                               all sites                   most sites               in some sites                     at all


Public Transport


Car parking availability

6. How are rotations are allocated?

Allocated at the end of each year

Trainees have the opportunity to give preference for rotations

7. Is there dedicated endovascular training available?


Best endovascular training is at Birmingham Vascular Centre - hybrid theatre access every day, with complex aortic, standard EVAR and hybrid revascularisation, surgeon led IR lists, excellent dedicated vascular training list in IR once per week. Opportunities also for lower limb endovascular work at Royal Shrewsbury hospital. EVAR opportunities at most hospitals.

8. How frequent is deanery teaching and where is it held?


Full day 2nd Friday of every month except August

Shared training  programme between East and West Midlands
Pre-COVID was rotated between deaneries/ locations, since COVID all done via online platform, live and recorded for access at later date. Uncertain of plan to return to face to face

9. Is there an established research infrastructure for trainees?

Journal Club

Trainee Collaborative

Clinical Trials Unit

Research Meetings/Presentation Days

NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow Post

10. Are there affiliated medical schools?

University of Birmingham

Keele Medical School

11. Are there any Out of Programme Opportunities available in your region?


12. Are there currently any less than full time (LTFT) trainees in your region?


Very supportive deanery for LTFT

13. Do any hospitals in the region have on-site childcare facilities?


Yes, on site nurseries at QEHB and UHCW. Uncertain about other locations.

14. Are there any other facts about your deanery that should be mentioned?


The vascular unit at Birmingham Vascular Centre has links with Royal Orthopaedic Hospital for complex spinal work and sarcoma surgery, along with Birmingham Children’s Hospital for some elective and emergency vascular surgery. 

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page updated March 2022
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