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Vascular Surgery: South West


This information was provided by:

Ms Francesca Guest, ST6

1. Who is the training programme director?

Mr Richard Bulbulia

2. Please list all the hospitals in your deanery (Vascular Centres)

Gloucester Royal Hospital


Southmead Hospital, Bristol


Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton


Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital


Derriford Hospital, Plymouth


Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro

3. Please list all the hospitals which provide General Surgery rotations for Vascular traines

Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton

Derriford Hospital, Plymouth

4. How is the deanery subdivided? Where do trainees generally live? 

Severn / Peninsula

Trainees generally live in Bristol (north for entire region but most vibrant)

5. How easy is it to commute to different sites?

                                                               Easy across            Easy across            Only appropriate              Not easy

                                                               all sites                   most sites               in some sites                     at all


Public Transport


Car parking availability

6. How are rotations are allocated?

Allocated at the end of each year

Trainees have the opportunity to give preference for rotations

7. Is there dedicated endovascular training available?


Individual centres are better or worse for endovascular training. Southmead (through which all trainees rotate) now provides a three-month IR rotation. Taunton has a half day a week. Exeter IR is split between two sites and is competitive with local IR trainees. I have no experience of other sites in the deanery.

8. How frequent is deanery teaching and where is it held?


Vascular ASPIRE teaching yearly, deanery teaching variable (rotating peripheral locations)


Southmead: weekly dedicated teaching

Taunton: weekly dedicated teaching

Southmead: run online MDT teaching weekly for all vascular and interested trainees

I don’t have experience of other sites.

9. Is there an established research infrastructure for trainees?

Journal Club

Trainee Collaborative

Clinical Trials Unit

Research Meetings/Presentation Days

NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow Post

10. Are there affiliated medical schools?

University of Bristol

University of Exeter

University of Plymouth

11. Are there any Out of Programme Opportunities available in your region?


Many research opportunities in Bristol. CTF and teaching opportunities in Taunton/Bristol/Gloucester at SHO/SpR level. BSET fellowship in Southmead, yearly Transplant fellowship in Cardiff currently. Deep venous interest in Bristol. Simulation fellowship via general surgery programme in Severn, open to vascular.

12. Are there currently any less than full time (LTFT) trainees in your region?


13. Do any hospitals in the region have on-site childcare facilities?


Exeter yes. Taunton yes. Others unknown.

14. Are there any other facts about your deanery that should be mentioned?


I consider the South West to be a proactive and supportive deanery that gives a lot of surgical exposure. The CSTs gain excellent exposure in running the take, particularly in Taunton and there is excellent surgical training. Trainees from this region have been surgically superior to those from some other areas I have supervised as a registrar at this level due to exposure and training. There are dedicated SHO and registrar lists for index procedures in Taunton. In Taunton there is weekly trainee led teaching on MRCS/FRCS topics encouraging critical appraisal of up to date evidence-based medicine. Opportunities for vascular access training in Exeter and Bristol. There is vascular access in Plymouth but I have not worked there.

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page updated March 2022
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