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Vascular Surgery: North East


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Ms Marta Madurska, ST4

1. Who is the training programme director?

Mr James McCaslin

2. Please list all the hospitals in your deanery (Vascular Centres)

Freeman Hospital

James Cook University Hospital

Sunderland Royal Hospital

3. Please list all the hospitals which provide General Surgery rotations for Vascular trainees

University Hospital of North Durham

4. How is the deanery subdivided? Where do trainees generally live? 

No subdivision of deanery

Most Trainees Live in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and surrounding metropolis. Some live in Durham, and those working in James Cook University Hospital either commute or may live around Middlesbrough - Yarm is a popular town.

5. How easy is it to commute to different sites?

                                                               Easy across            Easy across            Only appropriate              Not easy

                                                               all sites                   most sites               in some sites                     at all


Public Transport


Car parking availability

6. How are rotations are allocated?

Allocated at the end of each year

Trainees can give rotation preference at ARCP

7. Is there dedicated endovascular training available?


There is a dedicated endovascular month-long IR specific block at the Freeman.

Regular timetabled endovascular lists in Sunderland.

8. How frequent is deanery teaching and where is it held?


Every 2 months

Held at rotating peripheral locations

9. Is there an established research infrastructure for trainees?

Journal Club

Trainee Collaborative

Clinical Trials Unit

Research Meetings/Presentation Days

NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow Post

10. Are there affiliated medical schools?

Newcastle University

11. Are there any Out of Programme Opportunities available in your region?


MD, PhD posts, Deanery also offers sponsorship to the Healthcare Leadership Academy, Fellowships possible to other training centres

12. Are there currently any less than full time (LTFT) trainees in your region?


LTFT fully supported with dedicated contracts within HEENE and representation at STC.

13. Do any hospitals in the region have on-site childcare facilities?


Freeman Hospital and James Cook University Hospital have nurseries. Sunderland Royal does not, however the trust offers access to a childcare coordinator to help with childcare needs.

14. Are there any other facts about your deanery that should be mentioned?


One of the cheapest places to live in the country.

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