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East Midlands North


This information was provided by:

Mr Adeel Ikram ST6

Ms Alex Murray ST3

1. Are there any Out of Programme opportunities available in or outside your region? Please describe any specific posts or experiences (including research).

"Yes, trainees have completed out of programme opportunities for research (PhD), training and various experiences, such as elite athlete endeavours." 

2. Are there currently any less than full time (LTFT) trainees in your region?

"Yes- there are currently 3 LTFT trainees."

3. Is there an LTFT training rep? 



4. Do any hospitals in the region have on-site childcare facilities? Please list any you are aware of.

"Yes- at Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham and King's Mill hospital. Unsure about Chesterfield and no for Derby."

5. Is there any other important information to share for trainees considering LTFT? 

"The region is supportive of trainees who are considering LTFT."

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