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East of England


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Mr Ignatius Liew

1. Are there any Out of Programme opportunities available in or outside your region? Please describe any specific posts or experiences (including research).

"There are plenty of opportunities for further degrees (MD and PhD), with University of East Anglia, University of Cambridge and University College London. There are multiple full time academic clinical fellows (NIHR funded). There are opportunities for OOPT and OOPE."

2. Are there currently any less than full time (LTFT) trainees in your region?


3. Is there an LTFT training rep? 



4. Do any hospitals in the region have on-site childcare facilities? Please list any you are aware of.

"Yes - Cambridge University Hospital, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn just to name a few."

5. Is there any other important information to share for trainees considering LTFT? 

“We have successfully provided opportunities to both male and female trainees in LTFT, with an extremely supportive faculty. For more information -"

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