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Ms Sarah Dunkerley


1. Are there any Out of Programme opportunities available in or outside your region? Please describe any specific posts or experiences (including research).

"Lots of research opportunities linked to the University of Bristol for an MD and PhD. Opportunities for Simulation Fellow and Teaching Fellow year long posts. There are links with Dahar Hospital in Kenya and links with Children's hospitals in Cambodia with the opportunity to travel to them."

2. Are there currently any less than full time (LTFT) trainees in your region?


3. Is there an LTFT training rep? 


"Not as such but there is a LTFT trainee on the Bristol Orthopaedic Registrar Group Committee and we would look to formalising this role if there were increasing numbers of LTFT trainees in the future."

4. Do any hospitals in the region have on-site childcare facilities? Please list any you are aware of.

"Yes. The Southmead Hospital (Tertiary Hospital) has an excellent and flexible on site nursery (salary sacrifice scheme available) in Bristol open to all trainees. It has the earliest opening hours in North Bristol and is incredibly flexible and understanding of doctors in training. There is also a hospital nursery at Swindon, Cheltenham (covering Cheltenham and Gloucester) and Taunton. I don't know about Bath and Yeovil I'm afraid."

5. Is there any other important information to share for trainees considering LTFT? 

“This is a superb region for LTFT. The large number of registrars and existing post CCT fellows means there is easily incorporation of LTFT into the rotation. There is a great deal of support from the consultants. The central nature of Bristol within the deanery means that it is easy to live in one place and commute to most of the hospitals, therefore keeping child care options easier."

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